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Updated: Feb 3, 2023

It all begins with love and ends with love. Love prevails above all.

Just a warning, this will be a different type of blog, not my usual life coaching blogs. This is me being vulnerable (or at least trying to be).

I am here in the room that is supposed to be my office. It is the space you told me you will help me build. But here I am on the floor, writing this, because there is still no furniture. Do I blame you for this? Should I get mad that we did not get to complete the things, the projects, the life?


What is love? How would I define love?

All I know is I called you ‘Love’.

Is it the version we’ve heard through out our life that if you let him go and he comes back, he was always yours? Or the rule of elasticity, the more you go after them, the further they go from you.

I’ve been struggling with these definitions or quotes. Since when/or why do we associate love with possession of the other person. ‘Always yours’ or being cautious in love; what a conditional way to describe love or to experience love.

Love is free; love has no possessions. Love isn’t about taking his name. Love isn’t about doing life with him. Love is part of the human experience; the most beautiful one.

Love is to love, irrespective of closure, distance or presence. It is the most powerful force; at least the most powerful force that I’ve experienced. It is intense, limitless, liberating and unconditional.

Love is “Love is I love you. I love you whether you are across the island. I love you whether you are 10 minutes away. I love you whether you are here or in Europe. I would like to be near you. I would like to hear your voice in my ear. I would like to feel your kiss. I would like your arms around me. But that’s not possible anymore.”

Since the beginning of this year, the Universe has constantly reminded me of my biggest core value: Love. It is a hard one to live by, I would know. But once I understood that we are all soulfully connected. And that hurting myself is like hurting you; and that hurting you is like hurting myself. Life and love just get simpler.

Maybe I should have started by saying I am going through a physical* separation (The hardest one till date). We were building a partnership, a spiritual commitment to oneself and to one another and growing (leaning) towards unconditional love. That’s a story for another day, another blog or a book.

Since the separation, I’ve focused my attention to ‘love’ as a core value. It is the highest value on my core value list (see I can bring life coaching into this) and the intention by which I want to lead my life and soul.

Love is freeing.

Love is the water of life, as Rumi says.

Water nourishes; love nourishes.

Water does not fight or try to control the shape/form it takes. Water just flows; it just be. It exists, without forcing itself onto the other. It takes the shape of your glass, your stream, the river, the oceans..

Be water, as Bruce Lee says, but as Rumi shares “Don’t go with the flow. Be flow.”

Leading with love in this separation has been the toughest thing I’ve done in ages.

Is it worth it? Yes, we both deserve grace. And, in this world where it is so easy to be rude, being able to be loving and kind to someone is a blessing. I believe we both deserve that blessing.

If you’ve been told, like I was, that love, vulnerability or sensibility are weaknesses, be the flow that shows them that this is our STRENGTH and POWER.

P.S If there are grammatical mistakes, bear with me as my editor and I separated. :P

*Those who understands why physical separation, my soul appreciates and sees you.

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