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Ayurvedic Autumn Cleanse: Day 5 to 7

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Well I didn't journal on here. Day 5 was great and just bathing in the simplicity of life. In the stillness. In the clarity. Someone did talk to me about “Stillness is the Key” book; I wonder if that should be the next book. Although if I go towards Ryan Holiday, I kinda want to start with Ego is the Enemy. We shall see what my inner wisdom tells me when I go buy it.

But isn't funny how the Universe still brings him up in conversation with random people, like he is still protecting my wellbeing from far?

Day 6

I felt another level of my being. I feel like a new person emerged from this cleanse. Is this a new level of Shweta Rohini?

I know it is weird to address myself like this but the meaning of my name is Pure Love (this is Sanskrit so it depends on how you read it or perceive it. My other meaning is white/pure star)

I am genuinely kind and compassionate to myself, but I just discovered another level of compassion for myself. I can’t describe it yet. But I now share more authentically about myself, my journey and path. If we shared the same path and you are at the other end now, don’t be hurt by it. It is far from my intentions.

I shared with the group what has been happening in my life and explained why the vata imbalance is so high. I expressed my compassion to all the beings who created this safe space for us all to connect and reconnect with our Self and others. It was a beautiful day in general.

Day 7

Last day. I am scared to go forward in the normal diet. I am scared that the emotions will come back.

You are an investment. Invest in yourself and see how beneficial the returns on investment are. Investing in your body and mind will lead you to the Self and the Soul.

You can't do your Dharma, if you are not in good health. Once you are on track, we start the cleanse from within. Once we eat in alignment, our actions and thoughts are also in alignment with our Dharma and the Self.

In gratitude,


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