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Let it be

Let it be..

I've recently been seeing versions of this quote everywhere. It changed the way I respond to situations.

I've always heard in difficult moments "to let it go". Having a hard day or dealing with a hard thing to digest, I was told to let it go. Let go of the emotions trapping you, to get over myself and think positive. I am sure you've also heard of different version of the positive mindset belief. Be positive, not sit in your sorrow. While I agree that you should sit forever in your sorrows, I do not agree that we can snap out of a bad mood instantly. It takes patience with ourselves and accepting ourselves for everything that we are and what we are going through.

How about letting it BE? Whatever it is, whatever you may be feeling, accepting the feeling(s), understanding it and letting it be.

Why do we have to deny ourselves the reflection that hard times bring by letting it go?

While I write this, the quote "Let it go, if it is yours it will come back" keeps coming in my mind. I would love to make a slight change to this quote.. And say let it be, surrender yourself to the Universe and trust that whatever is best for you, will always be yours. Not everything that you go through needs an action, sometimes just consciously accepting without judgement towards yourself or the situation is enough.

Like the Beatles say "Let it be... There will be an answer."Listen to the whispers of wisdom, of your inner wisdom and of the wisdom that surrounds you.

In gratitude,


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