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Loss & Acceptance

Life changes you. Experiences change you. Challenges change you.

You decide how you want to rise above it or stay beneath it.

Today I want to honor someone’s life through this post.

Kirtee, thank you for everything that you were and thank you for your entire being. Thank you for always choosing to be you in the midst of confusion, challenges and uncertainty. We never thought you would leave us so soon. We always spoke about the projects, the parties, my wedding, the baking and the travels plans that we would do together. Today, we are left with memories.

Thank you for being the friend I needed, especially in this strange country of ours. Thank you for believing in me and always listening without judgement.

Thank you for the laughter.

Thank you for the acceptance to be us.

Thank you for being bold, brave and confident.

Thank you

Forgive me for any wrong that I may have caused. I forgive you for any wrong that you may have caused.

You can now be in peace in the Heaven’s and roam freely among your favorite plants. We know you are going into the light, where you deserve to be. The angels will keep your children safe and guide them on their journey. Don’t you worry. And obviously, we are here to guide and love them unconditionally. Everything that I do and have done for them, have been and will be for you.

In the midst of loss, we lose a piece of ourselves and our identity that were attached to the person/event/situation/relationship. Define the loss to understand why it is so painful. We must give the emotional wound the same (or even more) attention than we would give a physical injury. Just because we can’t see it does not mean it does not exist. Don’t let yourself bleed, help yourself.

Grieve how you want to grieve, no one is here to rush you through it. Acceptance of the loss does not mean you have to rush through the steps of loss. It is okay to grieve; it’s okay to cry or to be upset or to be sad. However we need to try to bring value to this loss; we can move forward with purpose and meaning.

  1. Think about something that you Value, be grateful for the people/things/life that you have.

  2. Accept what you lost; journal about it. Be specific on the pain and how it is impacting you. We tend to amplify the pain; while acceptance of the loss helps us stay grounded.

  3. What is the Lesson that you have to learn and learnt from this loss?

  4. Use what you have to grow and heal.

  5. Put your Energy in the right direction.

VALUE - Value. Accept. Lesson. Use. Energy.

- Jay Shetty

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