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New Moon in Aries, new year and Happy Equinox

How are you doing with your new year resolutions? Are you still keeping up with them?

In case you gave up, you messed up or simply forgot, well you have the chance to do it again. On Wednesday, we celebrate the new astrological year (also the new calendar year of Hindus) and we are also at Equinox. We are getting another chance to restart, let’s take it. This is a time for new beginnings, intentions and visions. Let’s use the fiery Aries to review intentions we set in the New Year or create new ones.

Reassess those intentions set at the beginning of the year.

What is working? What did not work? What did you forget?

Be inspired by your heart. What do you truly want to achieve this year?

1. Create a vision board. Collect pictures, quotes (that moves you), words. Vision boards are physical representation of what you are trying to manifest. Be mindful about what you are seeking, let your intuition guide you. Make sure what you are putting on your vision board speaks to you.

Aries brings in the courage to overcome any obstacle and the willpower to persevere. Aries teaches us that we have a right to exist in this world and helps us fight for that existence when needed. This helps us into our next level of evolution when going in the right direction.

2. Working with the Aries, you must first make sure you are grounded.

It can feel pretty chaotic and adventurous. So if you are not well grounded, it is very easy to take the wrong direction for your evolution.

Take the time to meditate, to ground yourself in Nature, and to do deep breath, which helps calm the fiery element of Aries and brings you back to the present.

It may feel challenging, but we sense that we are on the right path.

3. What is holding you back from your past? Anything that is currently occupying space in your mind and heart that feels like it is holding you back from your spiritual growth?

Question it, journal it and let it go. Release past expectations. Writing has been a powerful tool for me lately, and my Notes app is full of little notes, poetry and stories. Try it for yourself and see how you feel.

4. What can you do to release old patterns and blockage towards the future you deserve as you move into your higher consciousness?

Use the above as a prompt to journal. I got this from a Chopra workshop.

You’ve tapped into your inner being, now…

5. Write your intentions. It does not have to be fancy, it can be on your Notes app on your phone.

What would your inner child want to do? What makes your eyes sparkle when you talk about it? What can you simply not live without?

Find your passion; define your purpose. Set your intentions.

Lastly, it may not turn out how you wanted it to, but that’s why we take the time to review our intentions and make sure they still align with us. I was talking to someone about intuition cause I felt like my intuition betrayed me. This person said to me “That’s what felt right at the time, so your intuition was not wrong. We change as we grow spiritually or intellectually. So the same things we used to think are right don’t apply anymore.”

Same for you, if intentions set at the new years do not resonate with you anymore, review them and explore new ones.

Change is the only constant. When we embrace the journey of personal growth, we must begin again, again and again. We are always evolving and our energy forever shifting. If you start feeling restless or overwhelmed by the New Moon energy, go for a walk, do some yoga, do a meditation. Honor your being, your feelings and emotions.

Happy Equinox!

Happy New Moon!

Happy New Year!


In gratitude,


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