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Quarter intentions - small goals to reach your bigger goal

We entered quarter 2. My brain is like WHAT! Is it just me or is time passing by very quickly?


The whole idea of setting intentions quarterly is to have small goals that feels more achievable and gives you that boost of confidence to continue towards your bigger goal.

I always enjoy setting intentions/goals for the next 3 months. My word for the year is ‘Respect’. My intentions for this year are in line with this word and the value it brings. Quarter 1 was about focusing on my heart and making sure my heart is healing. I believe the Autumn Cleanse came at the perfect time (especially before April). The Autumn Ayurvedic cleanse brought a lot of peace and grounding to my heart and mind. It was everything I needed. Reminded me as my inner being/my Self of compassion and love. The past 5 months, I forgot my Self, the compassionate person and the loving person. The cleanse reminded me of her and brought in another level of compassion and love.

Quarter 2 is about Respect towards my Self. It is about eating (even) better, training for my vessel on this Earth, and nourishing deeply my inner being. 90% of the books I read in Q1 was about love. This quarter it will about balance, stillness and the power within. And a lot of forgiveness to myself for everything I made myself go through.

The next 3 months will:

1. Have even more alone time

  • Date yourself. Ask yourself what you like. Go do them like you would make time for your partner, friend or family.

2. More pictures – getting back to my photography days

  • What did you enjoy doing, but stopped because of the people around you?

3. Building my body strength and mobility – weight training and yoga

  • Respecting your body – it is what is the most important! Health is wealth! Don’t wait until Universe teaches you a lesson about it. What is one thing you can do to help your body?

4. Once a week, mono-eating to help my liver and gut.

  • One thing you can reduce or remove from your diet that your gut and liver will thank you for?

5. Nourishing my mind with education time. Taking the time to learn more about the things that interest me and learning new tools and techniques for my clients.

  • What can you do to improve your knowledge and wisdom on one thing that you enjoy?

The numbered list is my intentions setting. The dotted list is for you to think and reflect.

Are you doing anything to set small goals towards your big goal? Let me know.

In gratitude,


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