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The in-between stage

“The in-between is strange

It is an awakening from how I saw,

to how I will see.

It is dark, but also has light.

You feel small, but also take space confidently.

It is strange.

How do I feel so disconnected, but also so connected.

The leaves are being renewed.

The sunflowers are showing their smiles.

But it does not feel like summer yet.

It is strange.

To be in the in-between

Where the good feels so good.

And the bad feels so bad.”

The in-between is strange. It is an awakening from how I saw things to how I will see things, but most importantly how I feel in this moment. Some call it the worse place to be, as it tends to be very confusing and overwhelming. I get it But isn’t life in general confusing, do we really know what is happening next ? Do you?

The in-between stage is that stage where you can assess what was good, what was working and what wasn’t and reflect on what you want to keep and what you wish to let go of. Let’s use those feelings for some balanced reflection. I believe it is a wonderful time to assess, ‘When in pain, be aware of the pain, but amplify the good.’

You can use Eckhart Tolle theory on awakening through the pain-body. ‘The pain-body is an accumulation of stress, negativity, fear, and old emotional wounds that affect our health and sense of well-being - physically, mentally and energetically.’ During painful times, we tend to forget who we are. That’s how we feel in the in-between.

Reflect on the pain or the situation that is making you feel overwhelmed / uncomfortable.

In general, it is good to stop and reflect on your life once in a while. Once a week, once a month, every 3 months or every quarter. It helps you to see and appreciate your progress, pick off where you are slacking on your goals or pick up what’s working and not working.

What is the situation trying to teach you?

When you don’t heal from from the past, you never unlearn from the bad situation. You will relive the same pattern until you learn from it. Remember nothing is happening to you, everything is happening for you.

‘Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results,’ Albert Einsten. 

Reflection gives you an opportunity to see where you are, where you thought you would be and to make the changes needed to align to your core values and goals. Reflect and complete:

This is where I am at now.....

This is how I feel now....

This is what I’ve learned so far....

This is what went right.....

This is what went wrong....

It made me feel like....

This is what I’m going to check from now on....

This is what I need to do next....

This is how I want to fell....

This is what I need to change...

This is how I am going to resolve this....

Let me know how this reflection went for you.

In gratitude,


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