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When things are going great, work harder

When things seem good, we slack off on the habits we've been building. Why is it that the moment we get comfortable we forget about the work we did to get to this comfort?

I see this often. I've felt it too. Do you know what I am talking about?

Can you easily pick up when that pattern of yours happens?

Why do we tend to think that the comfort is here to stay while we go back to our ways?

Commitment is what comes to my mind.

Here is the thing:

“When things are going bad, work hard.
When things are going great, work harder.”


Cause you are more grounded in your being, so you know exactly what you truly want. While when things are bad, you are in survival mode. Your brain just want a quick fix to get out of the pain and back to pleasure.

I’ve recently started going back to therapy (in the combo of therapy and coaching), because I am at my most intuitive and grounded self right now and I want to build from that state of mind. I’ve always gone to therapy (any form: coaching, counselling, etc...) when I am at my lowest. This month I was like let’s try the opposite. It’s been a game changer so far.

1. When you start slacking off, ask yourself: Why is it important to you?

If you are not clear about your motivation, you will never have the commitment and accountability to keep going. Give yourself 3 reasons why this is important to you.

If it isn’t important, you will lost motivation to keep going.

2. How will you do it?

When ? Where? What?

Be specific in what you want. Your mind strives better when the task is well defined.

3. Who is your accountability partner?

It can be yourself.

If not, find someone who can stand up to you (obviously with love, this isn’t about tough love). Someone who will have the strength to tell you when you are slacking and you are forgetting your purpose. Someone you can trust and respect (where it is vis versa).

At the end of the day, it is all about Commitment to the Self, Consistency with the habits and Community to support and uplift you.

Does this resonate with your present? What can you do to help yourself strive in your good days?

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