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Ayurvedic Consultation


1 hour and 30 minutes


Creating a wonderfully focussed 5-pathways Ayurvedic Treatment Plan

To deepen your understanding of how the wisdom of Ayurveda can guide you towards self healing, health and greater connection with your inner self.

The consultation and treatment plan embody the 5-pathways (dravyas) of Ayurveda:

  • Diet,

  • Lifestyle,

  • Yoga & Pranayama,

  • Therapies, and

  • Herbs

You will receive a Pre-Consultation form, Dosha & Ama form upon booking, along with a 7 day diet journal before our consultation. Send the forms and your food journal at least 2 days consultation.

After our consultation, you will receive a Treatment plan based on what we discussed during the consultation. This depends on what we agreed. It doesn't have to include all 5 pathways, but all pathways will be discussed during the consult.

I will do a follow up after 2 weeks to see your progress.

Have more questions, email me on or Whatsapp me on +230 5901 8880

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