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Field of Flowers


It all begins with You. I am merely an instrument / a guiding hand in your growth journey towards self-empowerment, conscious living or just being yourself.

“Shweta is an extremely authentic and consistent life coach. When I initially started working with her, I had a lot of self doubt whether I would be good enough of a client and work hard in achieving my goals. But Shweta really adapted to my personality, my needs and my ways of working. She was like water and flowed with me exactly in the direction I wanted to go to. Her due diligence before every session is impeccable and the kindness and tenderness with which she addresses every topic, is something you have to experience first hand. All the goals that I had set for myself with Shweta, has been successfully achieved and I am a much better, stronger and more confident person as compared to before. I have worked with her for over more than 2 months now, and her aura and effectiveness as a life coach is what is not making me want to stop my sessions. I highly and genuinely recommend Shweta to help you in your journey of growth. You won't fall back, with her by your side!"


Image by Henry Be


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