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Updated: May 24, 2023

F.L.Y  First Love Yourself

F.L.Y First Love Yourself

What has my growth journey taught me the most?

Through out the years, I have been a people pleasing person, most of time not in my best interest. My excuse to myself was I like seeing their smile. What I did not allow myself to see was that I was draining myself and my energy. I would be frustrated and cranky, and I would blame everything and everyone else for it.

Were they to blame?

No! I had a hard time to love myself . However, it was my responsibility to be true to myself and to listen to my gut. And, to say no!

Why wasn’t I true to me?

We all assume that the personality and characteristics that a person, is showing, must be their true identity. You might say ‘How can you be something other than yourself?’‘ But the thing is until we don’t sit down with ourselves and question our values, personality and characters, how do we know if our actions and reactions are true to us? Self-awareness, self-acceptance and auditing yourself and your actions are crucial skills to have.

For me, I wasn’t true to me because I was focused on making everyone around me happy. Their smiles were more important than mine! I didn’t see it! I couldn’t see it! I was blinded!

I simply did not love myself, enough.

Our education never taught us to ask ourselves the important questions.

How are you feeling today?

What can you do for you today?

How did you feel about this or that?

What are you doing to show up for yourself daily?

Are you giving yourself the love you so easily give to everyone else?

And so many more…

Even by just writing this, my heart ache for all the times I let myself down.

How it changed?

I started feeling myself drowning under the pressures of work, personal life and health issues. I was suffocating with stress. That’s when a friend of mine introduced me to hypnotherapy. And my growth journey became. I was reading about my struggles, my inner child wounds, and other self help books. I was meditating. I was reflecting. I started breathing again!

My growth journey changed and is changing all of my self-doubt, lack of confidence, the fears, etc. I was and am challenging myself and unlearning my bad behaviors. I learned to reflect on my actions and reactions, and learned to give myself the space and time to grow. I started speaking my own truth. I started showing up for myself. It was not easy, and I was faced by surroundings not accepting that truth. It was hard, to say the least. But, my heart believed and knew it was the way, so I trusted myself.

I realized that my true smile is important and powerful and it is even more powerful if I am also genuinely smiling with the people around me. Today, I now see it as a part of my purpose, to be able to bring a smile on someone’s face, but I stay true to myself.

I opened my eyes to my authentic self and to the fact that it is okay to be me.

I show up for myself.

I accept who I am.

I own my truth.

I see the good qualities and bad qualities, I accept them.

I live my authentic self.

I understood that the first relationship I have is with myself. The number one priority in my relationship list is myself.

If I don’t show up for myself first, how can I expect to show up for someone else? If I don’t love myself unconditionally, how can I expect to love someone else unconditionally? And vis versa…

This was the hardest lesson. That’s how the abbreviation F.L.Y came about after capturing the picture of the Paille-en-queue in Mauritius.

First Love Yourself

Sound simple, right? Haha! We are all doing the best we can. Remember, your self-awareness and your self-love are a constant journey. Be patient with yourself. On the days when you forget to show up for yourself, remind yourself that you are doing the best you can’.

We are in charge of our minds. Let’s learn to be aware of ourselves, our thoughts, our values and our emotions. And, let’s focus on how we want to be for ourselves.

Tell me, how do you show yourself love?


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