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Until we meet again in the new

This year has been an adventure. I met the broken me, but found the strongest me.

From the start, it was clear that I must do something different in 2023. My theme word for 2023 was respect, especially learning how to respect my boundaries. With many highlights this year, I was also able to visit my Ayurvedic tutors in Australia.

These past 3 months with Dru Australasia have been a blessed experience of all sorts. There have been moments of questioning everything I am, teary moments, moments of running, but most importantly it has been moments of joy, discovery and love.

“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, joy.” — Rumi

It was all about allowing myself to step forward in life and to remove myself from blocking my path. It was a reminder that just like the 🪔 to create light, you need to burn. Burn the ego and the challenges and let the warmth of the light come through your soul and you. Smile through the challenges; let your inner light shine.

If light is in your heart, you will find your way home. — Rumi

Those are the lessons I've learned while observing the different souls I've met in the past months. Remembering the oneness of our beings, but also the beauty of our uniqueness. We touch the lives of many but we belong to none. My space and my freedom meant a lot to me this year, but it is also like I've rediscovered what space and freedom mean to me. Be kind to everyone but be respectful of your own boundaries as you go through this life.

Be selfish with your time and energy. It's okay. Do what feels right for you.

The light will keep bringing you home. No matter how far away from it, you move. You will find it back. Be anchored within yourself, your intuition/gut will always have your back. Trust it.

Let’s work on our problems, all while being true and gentle to ourselves. Being proactive about it without being mean. When we notice something or someone says this behavior is affecting them, sit with it. Reflect on it and do something about it or know that this is all you can do. Acknowledge your opinion on the situation.

Yes, we have a lot generational wounds to heal, however find the time to acknowledge the strength we got from our ancestors. Build on it.

Through this all, make sure you are having fun. Play like a kid; laugh out loud. Try new things. When was the last time you tried something new?

Flow. Adapt to the changes that the Universe keeps constant.

Health is wealth. Movement is key. Good nourishing foods will help you stay in alignment. A healthy body, healthy mind and healthy soul.

Above all, this year taught me to love deeply. Yes, sometimes people you love leave, but it's also realizing that it's an honor to love them.

Out beyond ideas of right doing and wrong doing, there is a field and I will meet you there…

Reflect on your year and choose a word/value for your next year. And find ways to implement that into your life (like wheel of life)

Need help to build those habits, contact me 😊

With this, I wish you a wonderful new year. May you celebrate with your loved ones and may it fill you with lots of joy, light and peace.

In gratitude,


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Jan 15

Adapt to the changes that the Universe keeps constant ❤️

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