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Why Asking for Help is a Sign of Strength, Not Weakness

On behalf of Snow (my fur baby): When you are not feeling a hundred percent, it is okay to ask for help, to ask for extra attention from people you love. (and yes, he is a magical fur baby, who can speak :P)

From me: Not feeling well, switch your mind to something else. Don’t let your mind control you, you have control over your mind. 

I stumbled upon this in my notes from a year ago.

Vulnerability is the new strength.

This is what I believe, or what my fur baby teaches me every day.

Opening ourselves up and being vulnerable can help us get to know ourselves better, while also strengthening our relationships with others. It can also give us insights into areas where we can grow, develop our self-awareness and improve our beings.

Asking for help can feel vulnerable and uncomfortable as we are exposing ourselves to the world. However, there is beauty and magic in that exposure. It improves our relationship with ourselves and with others. That takes strength and courage.

Our modern society shows us that suppressing our emotions is strength. However, I would like you to reflect on that:

What do we gain from hiding ourselves?
What do we gain from closing ourselves off to the world?

Being able to ask for help shows your strength. To be vulnerable is to have strength and courage. It shows others as well that they can do the same. It creates hope, empathy and authenticity within yourself and with others. It deepens our relationships.

Let go of who you think you're supposed to be; embrace who you are. — Brene Brown

Don't let your emotions suffocate you. Be aware of what they are saying to it.

What are those emotions teaching you?

Try not to go to the negative side; stay on the growth side of what you are supposed to learn. During reflective sessions, we aim to not victimize ourselves.

Allow yourself to be vulnerable. Allow people to show up for you. I've tried the pathway of closing people out and dealing with everything by myself. It is much harder to try to be fine than to be honest and say "I'm not fine." Having the courage and strength to let my close circle know that I need them made our relationship stronger. It also allowed me to be more authentic.

Pretending to be fine can be very draining. It is scary asking for help. I would know. Show up for yourselves.

Just like Snow, who wasn't used to asking for help, step out of your comfort zone and let the world show up for you (in whatever way you wish for). It may be that one friend, a parent, a close family, a therapist or a coach.

Whatever path you pick, be honest and authentic to yourself.

In gratitude,


P.S. As a thank-you gift, I am offering 40% off all coaching packages and Ayurvedic consultations. Only for you guys here reading these blogs. The code is THANKYOU (valid until the 8th of January 2024). Thank you for holding space for me to be vulnerable on here for the past year. I know I shared a lot of heavy things, in the hope to show you the beauty of community, authenticity and vulnerability. I am grateful for all the offline chats I had with you. Offer the code to a friend or offer a session to a friend or for yourself; it's for you to use however you want. Sending lots of love and light

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