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How to let go of stress

Updated: May 24, 2023


Before diving in this week’s post, I would like to acknowledge that I have been less present socially lately as I had multiple things on the personal front. It was a month where I decided to dedicate my energy to the people in my life and to myself.

There was plenty of dancing, laughing, and a whole lot of positivity. But honestly, a lot of a baking was involved as well. Basically, I surrendered to my free child.

Just to give you an idea on the amount of baking..

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How many of you would have felt guilty for giving yourself time off?

I did and I still do, sometimes. This month, I decided I didn’t want to feel guilty so I kept reminding myself that it is okay.

But it didn’t use to be like this for me. I would feel so guilty about taking a break, I would always overwork myself before a day off and still check my email in the morning. It was worse if I was taking a couple of weeks off from work, in which case overworking myself would start weeks before. It was my definition of the “work hard, play hard” life. I thought it was normal. Everyone is hustling.

What I didn’t realize was that I was burning myself out. It was clear that my body was keeping the score. I got never ending acid reflux, migraine, ulcer, hormonal disbalance, and so on… Courtesy of the hustling and the stress.

Although the complete stress free life is goals, we should first aim to reduce the stress. And remember, we all have different meaning of stress. That is, my stress could be the easiest thing for you, as yours could be for me. Whatever stress is to you, focus on that in the following.

How can we reduce the stress and clear our mind and body:

1. Breathe

When that stressful moment hits and the emotions start building up, breathe. I am sure you’ve heard this a million times. Give it go! It’s what helped me get out of a panic attack.

2. Powerful, inspiring affirmation

Have powerful (short) inspiring affirmation that can boost you up in low moments.

What do you want to be? what do you want to show up as? Then just add “I am” infront. For example, for me I want to be at peace, loving and humble. My aim affirmation during a stressful moment is “I am at peace. I am loving. I am humble.” Say it as much as you need out loud or in your mind.

3. Good music

Music heals. Find yourself ‘that’ music that calms your soul. When you find it, keep it close. Or even better, make a playlist if you have many. Music has a way of kicking us out of a bad mood.

4. Journaling

Sometimes writing it down (recording / typing, whatever works for you) may help remove it from your mind. Writing something down allows you to be in the present with your emotions and your feelings. Being in the present grounds you. And journaling gives you a safe space to feel whatever you are feeling, without anyone judging you. Journaling gives you the power to feel and to be you.

5. Go for a walk or exercise

Kick that mood right out with some cardio! I hate cardio, but the feeling after a workout is the best! Don’t you agree?

The reason I mention reduce stress instead of how to have a stress-free life, is for us to slowly change our mindset. We are humans, we mess up. Instead of giving yourself a hard time on why you stressed /overworked yourself / overthought, think about how you can improve that behavior tomorrow. Perfectionism isn’t about being perfect all the time, it is about how do I perfect it for the next time.

What are your techniques to let go of stress? Share them with me

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