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International Women's Day

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Celebrating myself and you...

Today, we have a full moon and tomorrow is the International Women’s day. How wonderful to be celebrating women’s day during a full moon in Virgo, which represents our self-worth, our purity and our power.

As a woman, I’ve often felt like my worth was questioned and my power diminished by external factors. Well - I also questioned it, because I gave a lot of importance on the external validation. I’ve given my power to the people I love and care for. For me, that was the way to love.

I am not saying not to give abundant love to others, but give yourself as much. And be in touch with your intuition / gut feeling and pay attention to when people are taking you for granted or taking advantage of your being.

This Women’s day empower each other, we need each other.

I do not know why as a gender, we feel like we are in competition with one another. Whether it is at work, in love life, in friendship or just in general. But believe me there is space for each and everyone of us; there is no need to feel insecure towards another woman. At work, I’ve experienced women talking behind my back and gossiping about me. In my personal life, I’ve seen women flirting with my partner. Or, woman been rude or stalking me, simply because I spoke to their partner. I’ve heard much worse and more from female friends, clients and family on how they were treated by another woman.

I do not know why as a gender group, we act like this. From my perceptive, it is a lot of insecurities and lack of self-worth. Believe me you can rise above those needs to diminish another woman emotionally and mentally (or even physically).

No one is here to steal your job. No one is here to steal your friend. No one is here to take your partner. No one is here to do you harm.

Yes, unfortunately, in this world, we do have to be careful. This is why Virgo is here to remind us of our power, our purity and our self-worth. Let go of your past patterns, talk to it out by yourself, with a journal, someone close, a coach, a therapist. Embrace your growth and healing that you’ve been feeling and working on.

Let’s stand together.

Only a woman can understand what you truly go through. We are just wired differently. I took me some time to accept this.

Only a woman can understand your menstruation cycle (all 4 phases, not just the menstruating days :P).

Only a woman can understand your heart.

Honor the women in your life. Tell them how grateful you are for them.

My prayer for you as a woman today is: Feel your strength and ability to create your own life. Tap into your inner power. Be a warrior. Know your worth. Let yourself shine.

I am grateful for you. I appreciate everything that you are doing for yourself.

If anything above felt too close to home, know that you can always change.

It is a choice, it is your choice.

Always in gratitude,


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