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Introduction to Ayurveda

I just completed my first cleanse with my Ayurveda school, Dru, two weeks ago. I've never spoken about my passion for Ayurveda on any platform of mine. I have been studying Ayurveda for a few years now and currently on another course with Dru to deepen my knowledge and understanding on this ancient science. Allow me to introduce it to you (This is also helping me to review my knowledge and testing my retention memory.)

I was introduced to Ayurveda a couple of years ago after being diagnosed with severe IBS and ulcers in my oesophagus. Throughout my life, I never liked the idea of taking medicines and always went for more holistic approach. So when I was diagnosed, I had no choice but to follow the doctor's order. But deep inside, I knew this is not how I want to live my life.

Ayurveda came to me through Instagram accounts I followed at the time. It intrigued me, so I read, researched and learned more and more about it. I was still working in a Big 4 at the time and my lifestyle couldn't accommodate everything Ayurveda suggested. I started basic. Slowly, integrated a few teachings into my life. I am still integrating it in my lifestyle, it is a whole journey.

So, Ayurveda is an ancient science from India; it dates from 6000 years ago. It literally translates to the science of life, where 'ayur' means life and 'veda' means knowledge/ science of.

Ayurveda believes in the uniqueness of every body, for example, your treatment for headache could be different from mine. That's because Ayurveda sees the five elements as the building blocks of human body and Nature. Although our bodies are made up of all the five elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether), the proportions of each elements in our bodies differ from one another. This is referred to as your unique constitution, your dosha. An Ayurvedic doctor or Health Coach will look at your unique constitution, which are either Vata, Pitta or Kapha. You would usually have two dominant doshas, which you inherit from the moment you are conceived.

The doshas you are conceived with are called your Prakruti (sanskrit word). However, throughout your life, the doshas might get imbalanced due to lifestyle and diet, this is referred to as your current dosha, your Vikruti (sanskrit word).

The whole point of the Equinox cleanse (that I just completed) was to remove any toxins from our body, to boost your digestive fire (agni) and to go back to your original constitution. The cleanse was a 5-day kitcheri cleanse (I will go in more details on this eventually). The goal throughout the year is:

- To stay in balance

- To feel what your body is asking of you in order to feel nourished and cared for

- When cooking, use spices and cooking methods that will help your digestive fire

- To keep practices that will help your body, mind and soul feel grounded and nourished.

I leave you with this quote by Jack Kornfield, ‘Attention to the human body brings healing and regeneration. Through awareness of the body we remember who we really are.’

In gratitude,


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