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Surrendering with love

Updated: May 24, 2023


I have been questioning the good and bad in life lately. What do we consider as good and what do we consider as bad? Is there actually such a thing as good or bad?

What I realized is that thing just is . The “should have” are merely irrealistic expectations.

We’ve all heard the saying “rejection is redirection”. The way I see it and experienced it, is that rejection has always been fruitful eventually. It just meant that the opportunity was not going to serve me as well as the next opportunity did.

Or, when someone treats you poorly, as an adult, you try to put yourself in their shoes and understand the situation from their perspective. Someone’s reaction is not a reflection of you, but a reflection of who they are or where they are at in life. Once you make that mindset shift, it is like a huge weight lifted off of you. You stop giving power to that person/event/past, you show up as love, compassion, empathy, honesty and vulnerability.

Things just are, they are neither good or bad. We tend to overthink the good or bad, as that’s what we were taught as kids. I don’t mean this in a way to criticize that technique, it was useful then. It was an important technique that our parents used to teach us manners and values. However, now that we’ve learned, is that technique of always picking a side serving you? In my opinion, I can’t look at things as just black and white anymore, there’s always a silver lining.

It is all part of God’s plan (or whoever you believe in). The Universe / God will expose us to different kind of opportunities and experiences. It is a gift, a gift that will bring you new knowledge and wisdom. Eventually, that gift will be the story someone will need.

The plan will test you, not to break you, rather with the intention of uplifting you with new knowledge and wisdom. However, you need to have faith and trust the process. Don’t shun from the test, have faith in the growth it will bring.

God isn’t trying to punish you when you are faced with “bad” things. You have to start looking at it differently. God and the Universe are working for you, removing things, people, negative mindset from your life, so that you can improve and grow into what your soul is meant to do.

For you to have a new, improved you, you have to be willing to unlearn the old you and reparent yourself into the new you. The Adult you.

My personal note and reflection: God has a plan for me, I am not going to force it and try to understand everything while it is happening. I just believe in the process and in the God’s plan. I show up with love, compassion and with an open-mind. I surrender.

P.S I don’t mean to insult anyone with the terms I use, you can change God or Universe to what you believe you in.

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