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Talking to your fears

As a rational or irrational feeling, fear can play a huge role in preventing success. Overcoming your fears will help you take positive action in your life that will lead to the changes you seek.

“Life is more about the happiness of pursuit than the pursuit of happiness.”

Enjoy the journey to your success. And define your meaning of success; don’t let your meaning be guided by society’s point of view.

Reflect, journal, record or share on the following

  • What’s your fear?

  • What’s the worst possible outcome that can happen?

  • What’s the best possible outcome that can happen?

  • What are 2-3 other possible outcomes in between?

  • Is the fear protecting you or holding you back?

Take the time to reflect and let your inner wisdom guide you to the root cause of the fear.

Question the WHY of this fear. You can also do this reflection on multiple fears of yours.

Knowing your WHY helps your nervous system understand what’s stopping you from taking action and accept. So, talk to your fear directly.

If your fear is irrational and highly unlikely to happen, have a conversation with it and share why it's time for it to leave.

Fear isn't your enemy, get to know it like a friend. Fear is just trying to warn and protect you from something that happened in your childhood, insecurities, people’s opinion, expectations or conflicting values. It's your job to investigate what worries it has. Finally, thank the fear for alerting you, and explain why you'll be safe and fine.

If the fear is rational and highly likely to happen, write about how you will make space for it, how you'd like to work together, and why you'll be okay.

Separate yourself from the fear; give it a name and talk to it.

Sharing something I wrote:

Dear Fear,

I release you full of love.

I am surrounded with love.

I am surrounded by the love God gives me freely.

I am taking back all the energy I gave to not be alone in this fear.

I give back all the energy I took in the name of this fear.

Being alone with myself and God should be a blessing so why be afraid of it.

God loves me like no one can.

God holds me with all my imperfections.

I find the joy of being with me, of spending time with me.

I am safe in my company and in God’s hands.

Share your reflections with me. :)

In gratitude,


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Kareshma Taurah
Kareshma Taurah
Jun 13, 2023


Replying to

I am glad it resonated with you 😊

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