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The Autumn Ayurvedic Cleanse

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

I am about to embark on my 3rd cleanse with Dru Australia. In the Southern Hemisphere, we are currently moving into the colder months and I can already see everyone around me getting sick.

So, why is the Equinox the perfect time for a cleanse?

Around the Equinox, the environment around us is changing. It’s a new season. The days get shorter; the leaves turn yellow and orange. The wind is stronger, which helps the drying of leaves, while we still want to remain hydrated and warm. Our body is learning to adapt to the new temperature, weather and the new seasonal vegetables. This time is perfect for us to help our bodies to removed any excess heat from summer and help us move into the drying season of Autumn.

Why an Ayurvedic Kitchari Cleanse?

The Ayurvedic Cleanse is gentle. The kitchari, which is a combination of basmati rice and yellow split peas is a complete protein. It has all the essential amino acids for a nutritious meal. This is the perfect meal as on the cleanse, we do not consume any poultry or meat protein. Additionally, for those on a plant based diet, the kitchari makes sure they are getting all the essential amino acids required for the body’s functions.

The combination of the basmati rice and the yellow spilt peas is also easy to digest, which gives your digestion a break during the cleanse. The usual cleanse we hear about, often leaves us feeling extremely hungry and we can’t focus on anything else. And basically these cleanses leaves you feeling more stressed.

While the Ayurvedic kitchari cleanse, it takes care of your hunger, your blood sugar level and it helps you burn fat and remove excess water and those unwanted toxins.

Additionally, it helps your gut. Since it is easy to digest, your intestinal wall has the time to heal. Stress from our day t day can compromise the gut and digestion, making the body more clogged with toxins/ama from indigestion, malabsorption. Eating simple and gentle for a week gives your body the rest it needs while still receiving all the nutrition from the kitchari.

But kitchari is bland?

Kitchari recipe that you would follow during this cleanse is very well spiced, making sure your taste buds are happy through out the cleanse. Plus there are green chutneys and beetroot buzz chutney to have with your kitchari, which add extra flavors and freshness to your meal. And the color combination of the yellow kitchari, the green herbs and red beetroot chutneys makes your plate look pretty and appetizing. These meals are pretty for the eyes and good for your tummy.

And there are plenty of spices for the goodness of your tongue and tummy! But more importantly, each spice used in the recipe is picked for their unique properties in aiding digestion and clearing toxins from your body.

What is it like going into this cleanse?

I am going into this cleanse with a vata imbalance and somewhat pitta imbalance. It’s been a tough couple of months, so my vata imbalance was very much expected. My pitta, well, there is a level of frustration and anger that comes with the changes I’ve experienced. So I am scared going into this cleanse as I remember getting very emotional in my last cleanse. This cleanse, although gentle, helps to clear toxins on all 5 koshas. The one I am scared of is the mental ama, that have accumulated over the past months (or to be honest, over the past years).

Intentions for this cleanse:

-I ask for forgiveness to myself for putting myself through the past years and months.

-I am ready to clear the mental ama. I want to be just like the trees, who are getting rid of their leaves, but is so grounded in their roots that winter does not kill them.

-I am excited to see my before and after picture to see the difference after being properly and well hydrated for a week. I’ve been horrible with my hydration.

-This time around, I want to complete at least 5 rounds of Surya Namaskar yoga daily.

-Grounding meditation daily to make sure I am checking in with myself, especially mentally.

-Journaling daily as a blog and share more of this journey of gentle cleansing.

In gratitude,

Shweta Rohini

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